Sometimes all it takes is a little hands-on mentoring to take you over the top...

"3 Simple Steps To Getting Blessed, Really Fast In 2018:
First, Gather As Much Prayers As You Can Lay Your Hands On...
Second, Get Your Prayer Engines Started EARLY... And
Third, When You're Finally Ready... Do Whatever You Can
To Secure Some Focused, Intense Coaching Time With An
Honest Mentor Who Knows How To Teach."


And the truth  is, there aren't more than a handful of spiritual teachers out there who can help you translate those wonderful New year prophecies (you receive them at the beginning of every year) into physical reality.

It takes more than claiming prophecies, more than "sowing seeds," much more than falling under the anointing (or being slain in the spirit, as some people call it)... to actually "taste" or experience manifestations in the real world.

If you are ready, this is the opportunity for that hands-on promises-to-reality experience that could change everything for you... IN 90 DAYS OR LESS 

From: Elisha Goodman                                                                  Sunday, 1 a.m.

Calvary Greetings...

It's late as I write this. I can't sleep, because the excitement of this new "Prayer Academy" event that is about to take off has pushed my spiritual thermostat way up... the ideas and words for this letter are pouring out almost too fast to catch as I type.

This is going to be a very rare moment... helping believers CAPTURE their divine benefits for this year NOW... before they have a chance to slip through the fingers... as in past years.

So you need to read this now, while it's in front of you. And you need to decide right away... because once the few spaces are filled, that's it. There's a severe limit, because of the personal attention required for each person inside the Members' Forum. We cannot do this kind of  coaching with a crowd.


"Thank you for a worthy tutoring year ... You are the best spiritual coach I ever had and a great friend as well..."

- Sisilia, Australia


For most of you, this will be like no other spiritual program you've ever experienced.

It will be small, intimate... and conducted inside a confidential Member's Forum... and totally focused on helping you pray your blessings from the spiritual into the  physical  realm... that you can see, feel and touch.

The results of being part of this will shock you.

Here's the story: Long ago, during the 1980s, the "prayer point" format was created by some anointed ministers of God... out in the spiritual warfare trenches.

A few legendary teachers and preachers used it first... and it began to spread on a small, almost "word of mouth" basis. Then an international ministry focused on healing and deliverance did it next... formalizing the approach and for the first time, backing up this manner of praying with strong examples from the Bible.

I came in contact with one of these legendary teachers (by divine appointment) and immediately enrolled in his spiritual training school.

Our assignment every Sunday (and Wednesday evening) after church was to...

"Identify members with the toughest, hardest spiritual problems
... and pray with them until the problems disappeared!"

There was NO room for anything that didn't work. You had to prove that the problem had indeed disappeared before you could be given other assignments!

By the way, to this day only very few Christian ministries have enough confidence in God to try this... most won't even go there, preferring to make all kinds of excuses... while their members are suffering and living lives of quiet desperation.

Anyway, during those hot, intense prayer sessions I saw for the first time what can only be described as the supernatural healing power of God at work... in its raw, undiluted and most potent form, where:

  •   the sick got healed, sometimes before the session was over

  •   turnaround breakthroughs in finances were recorded

  •   marriages were restored... sometimes in dramatic ways

  •   people became filled and drunk with the genuine power of the Holy Ghost

  •   mountains of debt got wiped off... in a matter of months, even weeks

  •       etc.

Those wildly-successful sessions became the model for almost every event that I have held since. It's still a good way to handle difficult, stubborn situations confronting believers...

... because at its core are lots of powerful healing and deliverance Scriptures, wrapped up and delivered as something I nicknamed "killer prayer bullets" when I received a divine mandate to start this online prayer school 12 years ago.

I used to enjoy those sessions of long ago. The prayers really worked FAST then.

I remember one evening they dragged in a man who had suffered a massive stroke and was almost paralysed in one arm and leg. After an intense 45-minute prayer action, the man motioned to someone to help him up (he couldn't talk).

We helped him up and he took one wobbly, shaky step after another. For 10 minutes. All of a sudden, he yelled, broke free and began to run around... totally healed!

These days you only see such sight at a few anointed Christian crusades where the power of God is really moving...


I find out that most of them out there, while still being used of God to draw souls into the kingdom seem to have missed a critical element of those early earth-shaking sessions that I used to participate in.

It was the one thing that made those sessions so legendary.

Specifically we called them: Prayer Riots

You see, back then we had a very structured approach which was not readily apparent to the "naked" eye. In the very first session, we would pray and give you prayer "bullets" to provoke dreams and revelations... about the root cause of your problems.

But... that was just the "warm up" act.

Getting the dreams and visions were amazing and anyone trained in how to understand their dreams could easily take them, search the scriptures for the appropriate prayer bullets to use... and literally pray problems out of their lives... and open up a flood of unstoppable divine breakthroughs.

Still, the "real" session didn't start... until we began with the "Prayer Riot."

What's a Prayer Riot?

We'd usually place the person we're praying for in a seat between several "prayer warriors". We would then systematically deal with their issues starting from their DREAM experiences... and proceeding to other (often seemingly unrelated) areas of their Christian walk as the Holy Spirit led us.

We started this almost as an afterthought... yet the first people to go through it... sooner or later... excitedly came back to testify that...

Every Problem They Came With
 Had Mysteriously Disappeared!

People were stunned at how quickly the LORD was using our Prayer Riot sessions to solve what seemed like truly horrible disasters and crises and problems.

The folks we ministered to actually looked dazed. These were problems that had consumed their waking hours, exhausted their resources, and frustrated every other "anointed" minister they contacted... and it took us maybe 2 to 3 sessions to uncover the root causes, redirect their praying, SOLVE the biggest problems... and even lay out a 30-day follow-up program, complete with relevant Scriptures and prayer bullets.

What I've just described to you... took many years of  prayer and fasting, PLUS a special gift of the Holy Spirit called "discernment"... to happen.

Years ago, because of numerous letters I received from our international readers (in 117 countries) who do not understand that the secret of many human problems can be traced to their dreams, it suddenly dawned on me that...

Most People Are Failing On Their Beds... Before
They Even Have A Chance To Wake Up In The Morning

... If only they had a little insight into the "coded"
messages they are receiving in their dreams.

Plus, how critical it is to pray the good dreams into physical manifestation while rejecting and cancelling the bad and ugly ones through targeted midnight prayers... 

I began by hosting an online-only event -- The Prayer Academy -- during which I applied an updated version of the same principles and  prayer bullets we used to pray at the Prayer Riot sessions.

The Prayer Academy turned out to be even MORE successful than the prayer sessions of long ago that I described earlier (for reasons I'm going to explain shortly).

To date I've  received over  5000 tangible praise reports, from 117 countries, testifying to the grace and power of God that's available for us to draw upon during these marathon prayer sessions.

As I write this... more testimonies are still coming in... daily. Praise the LORD.

You can see a tiny sample of the most recent praise reports here.

  Now You Can Use The Prayer "Bullets"
of 21st Century Most Effective Spiritual Champions!


Praise the LORD.

Now, for many of the success stories you read on our websites, there is usually ONE critical element present...

And that is: Coaching...

... focused, intense coaching time... from my hand-picked team of prayer advisors.

Now, here's a secret that only a few people know:

One-on-one mentoring is the answer to rapid change
and personal, professional and spiritual growth


Books, CDs, tapes, seminars and courses you purchase are great (including the miracle services and crusades you attend), but they're limiting in 3 important ways:

  •   They fail to hold you accountable...

  •   They fail to really personalize the material to your
          unique circumstances in life.

  •   They prevent you from building an effective relationship with a mentor
          who has gone before you where he/she can help save time, effort and money.

I've decided to over-emphasise that critical element - structured one-to-one coaching - and offer it in the Members' Forum to those who have never had the opportunity to taste what it means to receive verifiable answers to prayers ... sometimes while still praying.

And this is important...

Just in case you are serious about seeing the promises, prophecies, and blessings that you've been told will come to you this year.

You do realize, of course, that you heard similar prophecies of blessings at the beginning of last year?

If you, like many, had no one to help you navigate into your Promised Land -- someone willing to show you how to do it step by simple step -- then you would have been left wondering at the end of the year. Where was the breakthrough?

You need NOT go through that ordeal this year
... if you take action NOW


Throwing your lot in with a genuine JESUS-commissioned mentor and coach (with no ulterior motives) should be a HUGE part of your plan to accomplish your BIG DREAM...  all through this year.

What Should You Expect...

More than ever, these "coaching" sessions will take you through 7 groundbreaking lessons and prayer sequence that will help transform the totality of your life and manifest your breakthroughs physically for all to see...

Please Note: In the beginning when I had only a few hundred people on our websites, I was doing this mentoring and coaching all by myself. Now, that's no longer possible, owing to the sheer number of people joining everyday. So I've trained 7 Prayer Advisors to do the job, but only in the Members' Forum. I still log in to help out from time to time.

You will discover:  

How to pray and cause your environment to work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU... Discover how to magnetize good things into your life through targeted (biblical) prayer... while repelling the bad and the ugly.

  How to dissolve the shackles of POVERTY and instantly turn your life into a magnet of abundance and divine wealth (included are debt-cancelling prayers).

How to immediately tune into the "abundance frequency" of God... tune into the same frequency the Bible characters (such as Father Abraham) operated on... and start enjoying the same rewards they did.

  How to avoid the single, most pervasive problem that plagues almost every believer today... Avoiding this pitfall is essential for your success and health ...
  How to achieve results in 30 minutes a day, even if you've tried everything else... Follow the blueprint laid out in the 7 sessions and your results are guaranteed to be different than what you used to get.

In addition to receiving other blessings God has promised in His word... you will also discover how to:

  Dissolve stress from your life, and make anxiety melt away fast...

  Enjoy divine health... even in the face of contrary medical evidence.

   Enjoy deeper, more meaningful relationships... with your spouse, friends, family and associates... even if everything had fallen apart before now.

Who Should Definitely NOT Be
Part Of This...

Please don't sign up if you are not familiar with the simple biblical principles I teach
(all explained in the  "Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ" available for free download at our websites.)

Please don't sign up if you've never attempted a 6-hour fast before. You can be a young Christian but you must be active. It's fine to NOT know how to do targeted midnight praying... all I ask is that you're in motion (following the instructions in my emails carefully, praying the prayers suggested, and doing the 3 scripture reading assignments are some of the BEST ways to benefit maximally from this.)

  Please don't sign up if you're merely looking for where to send prayer requests, with no intention of learning to pray yourself. I just returned a $79 USD bank cheque to a subscriber when I realized she wasn't interested in ordering and using any of our handbooks. Rather she wanted me to help her pray on her laundry list of 12 prayer requests.

She came to the wrong place! The whole point of  our ministry is to help YOU grow in the area of prayer ... by "pushing" you to learn the simple steps of praying effectively for yourself and loved ones... and then receiving the answers faster than you can ever imagine.

  And especially, please don't even think of signing up if you're one of those Christians who believe God owes them something... and must continue to bless them even when they are not living in line with what His Word teaches...


Because we are going to pray the Word of God till ... it becomes FLESH.

During the last Prayer Academy event, we had thousands of visitors coming to our site daily... from all over the world. One day I posted a little prayer manuscript to sanitize your foundation and within hours 20,193 people downloaded it. 

The News Spread By Word of Mouth


And frankly, I really love visitors who were referred by someone who found our prayer "bullets" effective.

Thousands have now been introduced to our teachings on prayer this way, praise the living JESUS!.

We have an urgent mandate to reach thousands more this year. By introducing a structured program like this one, more and more believers are going to get blessed, very rapidly...

And the word will spread even further...

Right now, there is just a screaming NEED in the world for a Christian program where the Scripture in Luke 7:7... (only speak the word and your servant shall be healed)... can be validated over and over again ... no matter where you happen to be on the planet.

It's a TON of work for me and my tiny staff of 7... an exhausting amount of praying and fasting. If you look at the testimonials and praise reports on our website, you know there is nothing else to prove, either...

... the LORD stands ready to prove Himself as a prayer-answering God to most of those who join our prayer programs ... and that's what makes this so exciting.

My job is to unveil prayer secrets that would lead to healing and deliverance for someone who is READY for deliverance... so they can jump on the fast track and begin to pursue their divine destiny with haste.

Because anytime now the last trumpet shall sound.

Time is almost running out.

In the Prayer Academy, I teach you to abandon all sophistry ... and go about the business of praying as if your life depends on it.

In the upcoming Prayer Academy there are additional prayer bullets to:

  • - Stop the devil cold in his tracks

  • - Terminate long-term problems

  • - Release God's people from invisible cages

  • - Restore joy and honey in marriages

  • - Kill depression and release joy, peace...


       The list goes on and on.

       In the next Prayer Academy scheduled to start on the 25th, we'll take off with a very special 21-day Marathon, using a prayer SEQUENCE we pulled out of active service years ago.     

       This particular sequence of prayers will give you the required spiritual momentum if you want to manifest divine blessings in every area of your life ... every single month of this year.

       Here's what I've got for you:

Breakthrough Lesson #1:
What is the very first thing you must take care of if you want to see answers to your prayer fast? 

Breakthrough Lesson #2:
What is an invisible altar ... and how can it make or mar the answers you receive when you pray? 

Breakthrough Lesson #3:
What are the Red Dragons of the spiritual world and how do they hinder (read: delay, steal, kill) answers to prayer? 

Breakthrough Lesson #4:
Who are the White Dwarfs of the spirit and what effect do they have on your prayers? 

Breakthrough Lesson #5:
How certain deep areas of the human mind can be spiritually programmed to sabotage all your best efforts ... and how to deal with this through "de-programming" prayers.

Breakthrough Lesson #6:
What are the 5 ways God answers prayers ... and what are the spiritual signals that tell you answers to your prayers have ALREADY been released?


Breakthrough Lesson #7:
... anyone, at any stage of spiritual growth, who is serious about receiving answers from the LORD just has to get serious about nailing down this ONE essential part of the spiritual equation ... that will make you invulnerable to the horrors and constant problems that the devil is re-introducing into the modern world.

       There's more...

You Receive All Of -
The Complete 9-Piece Kit Consisting Of...

       1. Access to Members' Forum  -
       2. Book - Prayer of Caleb ... incl. 201 prayer points - ($47 value)
       3. Special Report - "Spiritual Vampires" Special Report -
       4. Ebook - "Dream CODE" complete with 111 prayer points
       5. EBook - "Prayer DNA Secrets" -- ($37 value)
       6. EBook - "Prayer Cookbook for Busy People" -- ($39.95 value)
       7. Ebook - #1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt (includes 101 prayer points)
       8. Specially Customized Prayer Points - "As Needed Even After The Program " --
       9. Online Chat Sessions- (Coming Soon)   


Here's How To Join -
Simply Click The Link Below


"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For The NEXT Prayer Academy Right Now>>"


       For those who have never participated in the Prayer Academy (or who participated but prayed in a lukewarm manner), there's no way I can put into words what you stand to experience in the next 90 days... as a result of being part of this next one. 

       Only a few hundred people will be admitted to the next session. Should you choose to accept this challenge, you need to sign up early before the system cut-off date (we don't know why but our new computer system cuts off registration way before the 25th.) 

"Yes, I know it's time to get into
the Next Prayer Academy"

       Here's one that came in from Teddy, from past Prayer Academy:

"The Most Amazing Thing happened..."

The most amazing thing happened to my friend yesterday after I gave him only two prayer bullets from your ebook.

We stay together in one flat with my friend Timothy. We work almost 500 metres apart and so we normally go together every morning and evening.

Yesterday he mentioned to me about his boss who passed on. I having been so sensitized by your prayer points and the aggressive nature of releasing the prayer bullets, I saw an opportunity for my friend’s promotion. He is desirous to take up the position permanently cos currently he is merely acting.  

The Spirit of the Lord directed me to give him only two of your prayer bullets. “I sprinkle the blood of Jesus over my land in Jesus name and I ask the blood of Jesus to speak over my land” points.

Guess what.. my friend followed the instructions and by evening the same day he received a call from the CEO and was asked to forward all his testimonials. Surely Elisha this prayer points works so fast that one is left struggling to believe that God can really move with such speed. – Teddy M



       And can you believe it?

       3 weeks later the friend that Teddy is referring to above confirms the story ... and signs up for the Prayer Academy:

I am Teddy's Friend !

I was introduced to this site by a friend, Teddy L. Munyalo, who had seen his life transformed through your teachings.

He gave me two prayer points and when I unleashed them in the office, things started happening.

I also tasted victory after ordering the Prayer Cook Book for Busy People and praying Step 3 and 4 prayers on a situation I was facing. 

My motivation to order the books and subscribe to the Prayer Academy is a deep desire to be a prayer warrior and to use the weapon of prayer that God has given us as his children...

 – Timothy Malusi 


       What a Mighty GOD we serve!

       Be An Overcomer!


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PS: One last thing -- I almost forgot...
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